Dynamometers for performance and endurance testing

NEW! Dynamometer for E-Bikes and Pedelacs

For use in anechoic chambers for EMI and EMC measurements.
Testing of E-Bikes according to new EN 15194 standard for EPACs (Electronically Power Assisted Cycles).

Speedup to 40 km/h
Three selectable drive units each 800 W


Performance Test Dynamometer for E-Bikes

Dynamometer for performance testing of Pedelecs and E-Bikes according to new Standard EN 15194:2009 for EPACs

Speed50 km/h
Driving power1000 W


Roller Drum Test bench

Roller Drum Test Bench for dynamic fatigue strength testing of bicycles and E-Bikes based on Standard DIN EN 14764, appendix C.

Speed50 km/h
Load capability250 kg